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About Us
The Paranormal Researchers of North Georgia is a not-for-profit organization that was founded in order to provide the public with credible information relating to paranormal activity. The members of this organization go about this by investigating locations and claims of paranormal activity, continuously performing rigorous research, undergoing studies in various, related fields, and systematically developing relevant analyses.

The Paranormal Researchers of North Georgia consists of passionate individuals who have a vast array of experience and expertise. Despite the diversity in knowledge and skill, each individual operates with a team-oriented mentality. This enables the Team to conduct itself with the highest level of professionalism. We unite our abilities with respect for not only the field we have been immersed in, but also for the locations, history, and people we interact with.

The organization is open to anyone in request of an investigation at any location or of any occurrence. Although we exist in order to provide the general public with knowledge relating to the paranormal, we are also here for any individual seeking help. We understand that many people may feel uncertain, confused, or afraid if they suspect paranormal activity around them. If the request for an investigation is accepted, we promise to bring confidence and professionalism to the field. Based on previously garnered knowledge and evidence from the location or event itself, we will provide an analysis of what is occurring in the field. Most importantly, we respect the privacy of any party in any instance.

The Paranormal Researchers of North Georgia may also search for locations to investigate. In the event our request is confirmed, we will accept responsibility while on site. As stated above, any request for confidentiality is respected. To ensure our sincerity, you may refer to the Paranormal Researchers of North Georgia Handbook and Indications. It offers detailed explanations about our procedures, rules, and ethics.

We use state-of-the-art technology in order to provide the most efficient research. All data captured is analyzed in a systematic fashion with updated software and equipment. Our scientific approach to the paranormal illustrates the employment of logic and rationale into our research.

The Paranormal Researchers of North Georgia was founded in 2006.
The Paranormal Researchers of North Georgia was founded in 2006.
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