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Be sure to check out Haunted History: Atlanta and North Georgia by Corinna Underwood featuring stories and locations submitted by PRONG!

MCU | DVR | Cameras | EMF | "Burble" Meter

The equipment that PRONG uses is thought to help detect paranormal activity or debunk claims that paranormal activity is present. The most important piece of equipment in our toolbox, however, is common sense.

Mobile Command Unit

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The Mobile Command Unit allows us to keep all of our equipment in a centralized location outside of the investigation site. One member of the team can monitor video, audio, atmospheric conditions, etc. from the mobile command unit.

16 Channel DVR w/ Custom Power Supply

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The DVR system allows up to 16 camera connections at once. Our custom power supply unit allows for the cameras to be powered from the DVR itself or an external unit.


PRONG uses a variety of cameras in its investigations including a 0 LUX 84IR camera that can see up to 100ft in pure darkness.


PRONG uses EMF meters as a tool to debunk paranormal activity. We do not believe that fluctuations in EMF necessarily indicate paranormal activity. However, there are theories surrounding the idea that some people are "hypersensitive" to EMF fields, thus causing feelings of paranoia and nausea just to name a few.

"Burble" Meter

The Burble Meter was developed by Dr. Ken of the Ohio Ghost Hunters Society ( This device detects fluctuations in static electricity. The Burble Meter provides more accurate data in determining if a spirit is present since static electricity fields do not fluctuate naturally in the same way that EMF does.

The Paranormal Researchers of North Georgia was founded in 2006.
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