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The Paranormal Researchers of North Georgia

The Paranormal Researchers of North Georgia
Handbook and Indications

The following text offers an in-depth explanation of the PRONG organization. It states the guidelines in which all members must follow, along with the explanation of investigation procedures. Additions, deletions or any changes to this document may occur only with the member majority vote of 2/3 or larger.

Mission Statement

This organization was founded in attempts to provide credible information of the unexplained to the general public. Regardless of our beliefs or spiritualities, we believe that this field deserves as much logical research as possible until aspects of the unexplained are either proven or shown to be false. Whether believer or skeptic, we encourage all to accompany our efforts to reveal the truths beyond the mysteries with honest and valuable information in which the world can research for the future.


Board of Directors - The PRONG organization is typically in the layout of a small committee. Within the team is a Board of Directors with positions held by the lead investigators. The Board of Directors run the organization, manage personnel, approve and conduct investigations or experiments, and request specific effort on behalf of the outside staff.

Investigators - Investigators accompany the team on investigations and etc. Investigators must fully understand the equipment in which they are in control over. Investigators may fall anywhere between skeptics and intense believers. They must be prepared to analyze all data thoroughly. Often, specific equipment will be distributed to the investigators in which have the best capabilities of running the device.

Case Manager - The Case Manager gathers all necessary information for an investigation. The Case Manager is in control over contracts, research, post-documentation (a summary of events during an investigation, written after the investigation takes place), and other subject grounds involving the cases. Any questions involving the case may be answered credibly by the Case Manager. The Case Manager coordinates the case, making the investigation possible.

Case Researchers - Case researchers obtain information involving an investigation. History, cardiographs, events and etc. are expected to be researched. Case researchers must be prepared to document information gathered in an investigation.

Technical Advisors - Technical advisors understand all equipment used in an investigation. They understand how to analyze the information captured by this equipment, as well as maintain or repair it. The technical advisors have the ability to provide a more thorough examination of the technical information captured than an investigator. They also monitor equipment during investigations.

Specialists - Specialists include those who are specifically familiar with any area that could contribute to our investigations. Specialists should provide some type of proof of their expertise. Examples of a specialist job could include EVP Specialists or other ‘capturing’ equipment specialists, parapsychologists, historians, angelologists, demonologists, and many others. The specialist jobs are very broad, including skeptical expertise to spiritual expertise. Questions involving the specialists’ jobs can be answered by the Board of Directors.

Trainee - Trainees are individuals accepted into the PRONG organization, however they have not yet become certified by the PRONG Board of Directors. Trainees must meet a set curriculum until they are proclaimed certified by the organization itself.

Membership Acceptance

Membership into the PRONG organization is decided by 2/3 majority vote of the current Board of Directors. The voting session is held directly after the reading of the applicant’s application, along with the hearing of a brief interview. The applicant will be held as a trainee immediately after accepted, and they must undergo a set curriculum in order to obtain a specific job.

Once accepted into the PRONG organization, all members must comply with the guidelines stated in this document.

Trainee Curriculum

A packet of study materials will be issued to the trainee for two weeks. They must study these materials and become familiar with the information it provides.

Fifteen hours of investigation is required in which the trainee must become familiar with each piece of equipment, understand the basics of how to conduct an investigation, learn how to document information, and understand how to analyze information correctly.
An essay must be written to explain signs of spirit activity and the ways and forms that the phenomena are captured. It must explain how science and logic are used to analyze data. It should provide a step by step basis explaining the procedures in a paranormal investigation.



A multiple choice test covering terminology, equipment, investigation, deductive reasoning, and the PRONG organization will be given to the trainee. A passing score will be deemed anywhere above seventy-five percent of correct answers.

After completion of the curriculum, a PRONG certificate, a staff identification card, and an email account with PRONG will be awarded to the former trainee.



- Each member must conduct themselves with professionalism while dealing with investigations.

- Members are required to possess notebooks (not to be confused with logbooks) for personal research into aspects of the paranormal.

- All members must obey by all contracts with outside individuals.

- Horseplay/Practical Joking is prohibited during investigations.

- No drug use during an investigation and no member will be under the effect of any drug at anytime during any PRONG event.

- Do not disrespect the dead. This includes vulgarity towards the entities and members carelessly handling locations.

- Absolutely no trespassing.

- Members must bring some form of I.D. on investigations.

- Camera lenses must be cleaned before each investigation.

- Cell phones are not allowed on the premises of the investigation.

- Members must combine together as a group of two or more before they investigate.

- Handle the equipment with care.

- Major decisions may be made with a 2/3 member majority vote.

- Absolutely no Ouija use or Séances.

- Absolutely no stealing or vandalism.

- Long hair must be pulled back during an investigation.

- Do not wear perfume or cologne during an investigation

- While capturing EVP, ask permission to speak with the entity.

- Always remain optimistic and open-minded during an investigation.

- No member should allow their personal beliefs or feelings to interfere with the capturing and analyzing of evidence.


Equipment and Miscellaneous Objects

First Aid Kits - In case of an accident on the premises of an investigation, first aid kits always need to be at hand.

Cameras - Both digital and 35mm cameras are used. Cameras can capture limited evidence, such as orbs, ectoplasm mist, and possibly more materialized figures that the human eye cannot see.

Flashlights - Flashlights may be used during an investigation to aid in seeing.

Voice Recorders - Both digital and analog voice recorders are used. Voice recorders capture electronic voice phenomena. Analog voice recorders are accessorized with an external microphone to decrease the amount of interference inside the device.

Infrared Surveillance Cameras - These cameras are placed in specific locations for the entire investigation. They are hooked up to monitors which a technical advisor will be monitoring.

Misc Cables - Due to larger premises, cables and other wires must be used in order to ensure that the majority of equipment is used.

Video Recorders - Night vision is often used. Video recorders have been known to catch several anomalies.

Batteries - Extra batteries are always at hand during investigations for obvious reasons.

Tripods - Tripods are used to keep the cameras stabilized. For digital cameras, they reduce problems such as blurring.

Electromagnetic Field Meters - EMF Meters measure electronic fields over different frequencies. Disruptions in the electromagnetic field could possibly point to paranormal activity.

Compasses - Used for navigation and EMF detection.

Logbooks - Logbooks are used before, during, and after investigations to document nearly every event that takes place.

Thermometers - Paranormal activity may result in increases or decreases in temperature.

Two Way Radios - Used for communication when investigators split up.

Laptops/PC/Software - Laptops are used to monitor investigations in real time, as well as to analyze evidence after investigations. Specific software can analyze evidence in nearly every device.

Motion Detectors - Motion Sensors are only used during indoor investigations. They capture any movement within certain distances.

PRONG Attire and Identification Badges - Each member has this on during investigations.

Case Types

Investigations - Typical investigations occur when a single location is visited at a maximum amount of two times.

Projects - Projects occur when a single location is investigated three or more times.

Experiments - Experiments include relative data to research aspects of the paranormal.

Investigation Procedures

Contract Signing - PRONG has several contracts that we are required to go over with clients. They include our liability, a privacy statement, and certain forms to possibly limit our investigation techniques.

Interview - PRONG will interview owners of the location prior to an investigation. Witnesses of activity in the location may be asked questions. This information will be recorded along with the case research.

Case Research - The location and paranormal events will be researched as much as possible before an investigation in order for PRONG to get a feel of what they’re getting into.

Scouting - After packing up the equipment and ending up at a destination, PRONG will take awhile to become familiar with the location. This can be done as a tour or simply just having PRONG walk around and write down notes to help the staff navigate themselves.

Setup – After scouting, base camp will be set up within the location or in our mobile command unit (depending on size of location).

Lights Out - Once the lights are out, PRONG spends time wandering around getting one last feel for the area in a new atmosphere.

Investigation - PRONG will use equipment and technology to capture photographs, videos, audio, and other types of evidence. PRONG will cover as much area as allowed. Events will be logged.

Analyzing - PRONG will possibly take the remaining night or next day to go through all footage and evidence captured. Appropriate software will be used to ensure a thorough examination.

Conclusion - After all evidence has been analyzed, PRONG will return to the owner and share all information. To the best of PRONG’s ability, explanations will be given as to what exactly is happening on the location.

- The case file will be stored for later reference, and all information allowed will be posted on the PRONG website for others to research.


Meetings and Lectures

Meetings - Meetings for staff will be held bimonthly. Possible upcoming investigations will be reviewed, past investigations will be discussed, community involvement will be discussed, scheduling will take place, any changes to the organization will be discussed, and questions will be asked and answered. Members are strongly urged to attend meetings unless they absolutely cannot make it.

Lectures - Lectures will be scheduled at staff meetings. They are for anyone interested in the paranormal. Normally, members will teach about paranormal investigation, including the equipment used, terms, evidence, and much more. Some lectures will actually involve a small investigation to give people a hands on experience.


Any staff who violates any of these rules or indications will be put under strict offenses.

1st Offense - Warning
2nd Offense - Suspension from PRONG events for a varied time.
3rd Offense - Removal from the PRONG Organization.


The Paranormal Researchers of North Georgia was founded in January, 2006.

This document was written Monday May 22nd, 2006




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The Paranormal Researchers of North Georgia was founded in 2006.
All content listed within is copyright Drew Cochran and PRONG.
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