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Be sure to check out Haunted History: Atlanta and North Georgia by Corinna Underwood featuring stories and locations submitted by PRONG!

Investigative Procedures

Listed below are the investigative procedures that PRONG follows in order.

The Pitch
Upon receiving the case request via e-mail or phone call, the members of PRONG are informed of the case. From this point, the members can arrange their schedules to accommodate the investigation date.

The Interview
Prior to the investigation and depending on the location, the lead investigators of PRONG will arrange a meeting with the location owner. In doing this, we are able to get a sense of what is happening in the location.

Loading Up
After the interview, the PRONG members load up and begin traveling to the location. Upon arriving, the members will unload and set up the equipment.

The Setup
After unloading the equipment, PRONG members will establish a central command location. Depending on the size of the location, this is usually an unused room or garage.. or if the location is very small, we will set up central command in our vehicle. Cameras will be placed in locations where the owner claims the activity is the heaviest.

- Central Command
Central command is where our DVR system is located as well as any equipment that is not currently being used during the investgation.

Lights Out!
After setup is complete, the crew will turn off all lights. Although not required, our equipment is designed to run in pure darkness. We also believe that this gives us more focus and the ability to use all five of our senses to their full potential.

The Investigation
Although not required, we encourage the owner to remain outside of the location during the investigation. However, at the owner's request, they may tag along.

Once lights out has been established, the crew will investigate the location using hand-held equipment as well as stationary cameras. This process usually lasts all night or until we believe that substantial evidence has been acquired.

The Breakdown
After the investigation is complete, the crew will break down all equipment and pack it back up. Once the breakdown is complete, the crew bids farewell to the owner and leave the location.

The Analysis
During the next week or so, the crew will scrutinize every second of footage and audio. Any anomolies captured will be analyzed again with a third party to help draw a conclusion.

The Reveal
After all evidence has been analyzed, the crew will show all evidence to the owner. PRONG will attempt to help the owner cope with their situation and explain the happenings to the best of their ability.

The Paranormal Researchers of North Georgia was founded in 2006.
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