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Be sure to check out Haunted History: Atlanta and North Georgia by Corinna Underwood featuring stories and locations submitted by PRONG!

Mission Statement
This organization was founded in attempts to provide credible information of the unexplained to the general public. Regardless of our beliefs or spiritualities, we believe that this field deserves as much logical research as possible until aspects of the unexplained are either proven or shown to be false. Whether believer or skeptic, we encourage all to accompany our efforts to reveal the truths beyond the mysteries with honest and valuable information in which the world can research for the future.

PRONG is located in Athens Georgia.

Revised Handbook Online!
I've updated our handbook to include new rules, regulations and investigative techniques and procedures. The handbook can be viewed online or via Adobe Reader format (.pdf)

If you'd like a hard copy of the guide, please let me know and I'll print you one out.

PRONG Tours Moon River Brewery and Sorrel Weed!
While celebrating my birthday in Savannah, I was surprised with a ghost tour! I was accompanied by fellow PRONG members Dale and Lauren. This particular tour led along the streets and through several famous landmarks including the Sorrel Weed House.

After the tour, we proceeded to the Moon River Brewery where we enjoyed great food and were allowed to have an exclusive tour of the building!

You can find the pictures online:
Moon River Brewery
Sorrel Weed

I'd like to thank everyone who made this possible!

News Commenting Disabled
I've disabled commenting to news posts as it was attracting massive amounts of spam bots.

Procedures Page
If you're wondering how PRONG conducts its investigations, be sure to check out the "Procedures" page on the left hand menu!

Forums Re-Opened
Today I re-opened the forums! The new forums are powered by a front-end called "PHPBB". This allows for more customization, etc.

Also! If you haven't seen our Burble Meter in action, go here:

Watch it all the way through. It's slow at first, but notice as the screens change, so does the meter's LED.


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