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Be sure to check out Haunted History: Atlanta and North Georgia by Corinna Underwood featuring stories and locations submitted by PRONG!

Mission Statement
This organization was founded in attempts to provide credible information of the unexplained to the general public. Regardless of our beliefs or spiritualities, we believe that this field deserves as much logical research as possible until aspects of the unexplained are either proven or shown to be false. Whether believer or skeptic, we encourage all to accompany our efforts to reveal the truths beyond the mysteries with honest and valuable information in which the world can research for the future.

PRONG is located in Athens Georgia.

More Dates
Today I updated the calendar page with more dates. Be sure to check these dates as most of them are VERY important!

If you are a PRONG member, we have a meeting at the Elbert County library on Saturday. Be sure to check the calendar for times.

Although there isn't much evidence on the website, keep in mind we're constantly updating. Once we get a healthy amount of video and audio available, we plan to offer a new award for paranormal investigators throughout the country.

If you can take our evidence and recreate the variables enough to debunk whatever it is we believe we caught, you or your group will be awarded the Use of Outstanding Logic and Deductive Reasoning with Investigative Technique award. Several paranormal investigation groups will also be picked to win this award for oustanding application of equipment and logic.

So keep up the good work while reviewing or debunking!

On another note, we're looking at several media mentions coming our way, including newspaper articles and local news channel spots. Keep an eye out for us.

- Dustin
Contact and Newsletter
If you've ever had a paranormal experience that you couldn't explain and had nowhere to go, look no further! You can now contact us! Check the 'contact' link on the left menu.

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Applications Online!
So you're wanting to join our team? Well now here's your chance! On the left hand menu, you'll see a link that says 'Contact / Apply'. Click that link and fill out the application. All applications are read by the PRONG staff. If we decide to further your application, you will be contacted with more information including testing procedures and the like.
Burble Meter
A few days ago, I discovered plans for what's called a 'Burble meter'. This device was constructed by another group and is used as a key tool in their investigations. The concept behind this device is quite simple.. it detects static electricity wherever it is placed. Readouts can range from guages, leds, or headphone jacks plugged into a voice recorder. I plan on building one such device whenever I have money again.



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