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Be sure to check out Haunted History: Atlanta and North Georgia by Corinna Underwood featuring stories and locations submitted by PRONG!

Mission Statement
This organization was founded in attempts to provide credible information of the unexplained to the general public. Regardless of our beliefs or spiritualities, we believe that this field deserves as much logical research as possible until aspects of the unexplained are either proven or shown to be false. Whether believer or skeptic, we encourage all to accompany our efforts to reveal the truths beyond the mysteries with honest and valuable information in which the world can research for the future.

PRONG is located in Athens Georgia.

We're Moving!
... back to North Georgia!

Problems Contacting PRONG?
Hello everyone! In an effort to get our services out to more people, we now have an answering machine for you to leave messages if you aren't able to get in touch with us directly! You can find our phone number on the CONTACT page.

What Happened to PRONG?
If you've been using a search engine to search for PRONG, you might have not been greeted with what you expected. Our .htaccess file was re-written to re-direct users from search engines to an attack site.

This problem has been fixed and we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this might have caused for anyone looking for a group.

We're still here.. and we're still here to help!

PRONG Location & Anniversary
Hi everyone! There has been some confusion lately as to the location of the PRONG organization. We are indeed located in Savannah Georgia (which is SOUTH Georgia, hence the confusion)

Here is the reasoning behind this:
When the group was established in 2006, we were located out of Elberton, GA (near Athens). However, due to re-location, we have established home in Savannah, GA. Keep in mind that PRONG will travel to any location deemed haunted to help those in need. We are just in a new location!

On a different note, happy 4 year anniversary to PRONG!

If you have any quesitons, feel free to e-mail us!

Mobile Command Unit!
Today we have a new addition to our equipment arsenal: a mobile command unit! I had a discussion with fellow member Dale about creating a centralized location for operating out of during our investigations. The result was our very own mobile command unit! You can view pictures on the "EQUIPMENT" page!


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